Termiticide Distribution System

Termiticide Distribution System consists a complete network of membrane rubber tubes are laid under the floor, throughout the inner & outer peripheries as well as in the middle of the flooring of the building. Entire planning of laying the network of tubes are to be considered along with the planning of the building during the pre construction stage.

Pre Construction Termite Management

Pre-construction anti-termite treatment is essential to safe-guard the upcoming buildings. The chemical barrier is created between the soil and plinth of the building. The barrier is created in four stages i,e., bottom and site of foundation tranche / column pits, back fill soil, plinth filling or under the floor and plinth protection...

Post Construction Termite Management

Post-construction anti termite treatment is done by creating a barrier between the soil and plinth of the premises by drilling holes & injecting chemical emulsion in them all along the wall perimeter (from inside and outside), door, window frames and all other wooden structures which are embedded in walls and floors.


Anti Termite Pipe Network

Anti Termite Pipe Network is a very cost effective method and is a revolutionary concept for Anti-Termite Treatment. No one is unaware of the destruction caused by the termites. Termites are a real problem and they create havoc to our wooden furniture, walls and wherever they have formed swarms. It has become our chief priority to save our sweet home. This System is a new concept in the area of pest control treatment for control of termites, developed by us for the permanent Solution of termites control.