termiticide-distribution-systemTermiticide Distribution System is a unique concept in the area of pest control for control of termites, successfully developed by us and a very cost effective infrastructure installation for the permanent solution for termite in upcoming building on preconstruction stage.

Termiticide Distribution System as pioneer in anti termite with laying a 9MM seamless tubing system installation which is incorporated at pre-construction stage. The tubing system is a combination of LLDP(Low Linear Density Polythrene) and Rubber Membrane Tube having throughout perforation, which is suppose to drip out on a presence of 3IBS to maintain equal distribution of chemical. We lay this rubber membrane tube in subsurface at inner periphery running all wall to wall taking extra precautions installation in mid area of rooms also, after completion the installation of rubber membrane tube ,we create refilling points outside the structure taking both end conduits.

Similarly we install rubber membrane tube in outer periphery then chemical impulsion is to be filled through this network in future. As we are filling chemical impulsion through this network it reaches at all entry points of termite and create the barrier.

Technical Details : Termiticide Distribution System

Specification of Termiticide Distribution Tube

  • LLDP Tube (Low Linear Density Polrethrene)
  • Rubber Membrane Tube
  • Recyclable Material
  • Zigzag Micro holes Throughout Tube
  • H Inner Dia Meter 5.00 Mm
  • H Outer Dia Meter 9.00 Mm
  • H Water Pressure 5.5 Kg/cm2
  • H Life of Tube 50+ Years
  • Reaction a) No Air Born Toxicity b) Tested in all type of Soil


  • No Damage to Floor Done
  • Tubing Network at Internal/External Periphery
  • Chemical barrier created at entry points of Termite
  • By injecting chemical through installed ready network
  • Chemical injected once the building is ready a) Effectiveness remain longer b) No chemical waste
  • No pest control operator enters your house
  • Chemical pumping done from externally fixed filling points
  • Environment Friendly
  • No exposure of Termiticide
  • Zero inconvenience
  • Full proof Termite Proofing
  • Save time as pumping of Termiticide requires only few hours

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