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Anti Termite Pipe Network is a very cost effective method and is a revolutionary concept for Anti-Termite Treatment. No one is unaware of the destruction caused by the termites. Termites are a real problem and they create havoc to our wooden furniture, walls and wherever they have formed swarms. It has become our chief priority to save our sweet home. This System is a new concept in the area of pest control treatment for control of termites, developed by us for the permanent Solution of termites control.

It is a unique method of filling the do my homework for me stress causes and effects chemicals through the already laid pipelines. which will prevent the structure as well as furniture, wooden fixtures from termites attack. This pipe is laid during construction of house before the flooring. Pipes are laid on the Joints of the internal wall and floor. Same kind of treatment will be done to the external perimeter also.

The job, which will be completed at flooring level, will be tested in your presence and the duly completed infrastructure will be handed over to you by creating The Refilling Points, which could be opened, used for periodic filling of pesticides in future. Infrastructure Installation is a very cost effective method of treatment and is a new milestone revolutionary concept as far as anti-termite treatment is concerned.
The advantages of this treatment are as under:

  1. Drilling the floor every time for pump the pesticide is not required.
  2. Tedious work for removing the articles stored in the area is not required.
  3. Pesticides odor will not disturb anybody by adopting this system.
  4. No exposure of insecticides to occupants of the building.
  5. Installation of piping system is warranted for Life Time..
  6. The pesticide do my homework for me stress causes and effects filling will be done through the Refilling Points fixed outside the building, which will enable the filling of pesticides without any disturbance.
  7. The pesticide filled through the Refilling Points will spread in the Entire area and will protect the structure and articles from termites.


  1. Inner Periphery Pipe Installation
  2. External periphery (Boundary) installation.
  3. Creating Refilling Points
  4. One time chemical filling